International Dot Day


International Dot Day

International Dot Day was this past Friday, September 15th! Click here for more information about this fun event.

In brief, Dot Day celebrates Peter H. Reynolds' beloved book The Dot, about a young artist who's skeptical of her capabilities until she lets the simplest mark take flight in her imagination. 

At Memorial School, I spent the afternoon with grades K-2 and experimented with different approaches to creating art with dots. Before we began each project we read The Dot and discussed the importance of trying something new and believing in yourself, even when it feels impossible.

I did a directed drawing of dots with the Kindergartens -- only giving them the instruction to draw a small, medium, or large dot until we were satisfied with the amount of dots on the page. They then returned to their tables and colored in their various creations. Isn't it exciting how many different kinds of compositions that can be created, even if the instructions are the same?

First graders were given a different Dot challenge after we read the book. I had a wine cork and ink pad acting as the Dot Maker. Without any planning for the eventual illustrations, the students told me how many and where on the page they would like their dots. I stamped and they got to work creating images using the dot as their starting point. So many different images from a single mark -- bears, cars, rockets, flowers, fireworks and more!

I have two second grade classes on Fridays so I decided to try two different approaches for our Dot Day projects -- both using different kinds of paint and brushes. One class used liquid tempera and foam brushes, the other used watercolors and synthetic hair round brushes. The differences were fabulous!

I will admit, I think my favorite medium for this project was the watercolor paint. I kept hearing students say "WHOA!! Look at the colors mix!" or "Guys it's dripping!! Awesome!!"

Hope you enjoy these awesome results! How did you celebrate Dot Day?