Square 1 Art

Hello friends! October flew by, so my apologies for the delay in posting our art room adventures. 

Our first endeavor after Dot Day was to tackle the Square1 Art Fundraiser. The system is super awesome -- each student creates a work of art on the special Square1 Art paper, which is then mailed to the company, turned into stickers, sent BACK to the children with a catalog, from which family and friends can order their child's art work on collectibles! Mugs, totes, water bottles, key chains and more -- the kids were really stoked to participate!


KINDERGARTEN at Johnson and Memorial: We read Eric Carle's Draw Me a Star and students then painted a night sky using tempera paint. They learned all about gentle color blending with sideways brushes strokes. These young artists then got to choose to draw the complicated Carle star themselves, or color in a pre-printed one. The results were so vibrant. Hand strength was tested while cutting out those pointy sections, but we conquered the task excellently! The stars were glued and off they went. 

First Grade at Johnson: We first discussed the Elements of Art -- Lines, Shapes, Color, Texture -- then used what we learned to design these HeARTs.

First Grade at Memorial: We said goodbye to summer with these Sunset Sailboats. Warm and cool color blending is no easy feat with crayons! Ask your child how shapes tell the story of a sailboat :-)

Second Grade: Ship Shape Fish. Need I say more? 

Third Grade: Students learned how art can be inspirational and send positive messages then created their own Word Art pieces.

Fourth Grade: Unique mark of an Artist's hand. Ask your child about warm/cool colors and contrast.