Kindergarten and Kandinksy


The Line Dance & Line Dancing with Shapes

Kindergarteners studied the amazingness that is Wassily Kandinsky this October. They learned the names of different lines and shapes and made those elements dance across their pages! 

We love to warm up before art by moving our bodies to resemble different lines. Ask your child how to sit straight and vertical, or curve their bodies like a curvy line--leaning diagonally is always great--and don't forget to zig zag your brain so it's stirred for creative practice!

The Line Dance
The first portion of my Kandinsky unit involves lines ONLY. We do a directed line drawing and then students are allowed to paint their backgrounds in any way they choose. These young artists took such great care of the paint and brushes!

Line Dancing with Shapes
The second portion of this project introduced shapes. We talked about creating a full composition -- not too crowded or small -- we want those lines and shapes to have room to dance! Through directed drawing we drew the five basic lines: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig-zag, and curvy. Then added basic shapes to give those lines some dancing partners. 

Gotta love Kandinsky. And now say it with a southern accent, because that's all I can do after seeing Double Jeopardy :-)

Caitlyn Thompson