Cityscape Reflections



Fourth grade artists have been super hard at work these past several weeks and the results show it! In this project, inspired by the early nights of fall and the coming winter we studied a variety of materials and concepts. Our goal was to create a print that would serve as the reflection for a skyline scene at dusk. We used the original styrofoam plate as the top portion of the piece, giving a subtle relief texture to the art work. 

First we started with lines, because artists often start simple with lines :-) We used our knowledge of lines and overlapping to create depth in our skylines. Several students decided to take a challenge and create TWO skylines -- one from the future, and one from the past. It was an incredible moment when a student asked if he could design a piece that showed the reflection of a city's past. The answer was a resounding, "OF COURSE THAT'S AN UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING IDEA!!" 

After these artists completed their line drawings, we created our printing plates using scratch styrofoam. It's a delicate tracing process that took time and patience. 

Time for the background. We reviewed knowledge of warm and cool colors then painted a background accordingly. Notice how different brush strokes create different patterns and texture on the page. Beautiful!

Time to print. We took time practice first with duel colors -- big hit!

Students used black ink to print the reflections. The final step was to glue or staple the styrofoam plate to the opposite half of their background and voila! Finished. 


Hope you enjoy these gorgeous creations!