Welcome to the world of Book Arts! This gallery features creations made by fifth to eighth grade students during my tenure as lead instructor of the North Bennet Street School Middle School Book Arts Program from 2014-2016 in Boston, MA. Featured work includes Paste Paper, Flag Books, Turkish Maps, and Accordions. 

The North Bennet Street School Middle School Book Arts Program is an introduction to an ancient craft that increases students' understanding of their hands as machines, and books as unique artworks unto themselves. The course provides the opportunity to strengthen fine motor skills and encourages unique approaches to content and design in accordance with personal interests. Students differentiate their final products in accordance with their level of ability. As such, students have large amounts of autonomy as they are active participants in the learning and construction processes. In designing traditional and atypical forms of books, students understand that books are a form of art that contain facts, tell stories (fiction and nonfiction), record history, teach lessons, and can be 3D sculptures independent from content.